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You Have Now Entered the Manassas Zone

There is a dimension beyond which is known to man. It’s a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is an area which we call” … no, no, not The Twilight Zone! It’s even better! It’s “The Manassas Zone”.

You have decided to travel to Manassas for business, leisure, or a bit of both. You’ve planned all that you can, but you’ve found yourself (and perhaps your family) going to an unfamiliar city. What are your usual expectations when traveling to a new destination? Maybe you seek to discover as many unique sites as possible. Or maybe you are one who likes to just get out among the locals and immerse yourself in the culture and customs of the land. Most often, a part of your destination plan includes tasting the flavors of the new city, which are usually delicious as well as intriguing – at least in any city worth going to that is. Whatever the reason for your visit, Manassas, Virginia is where you’ll find everything you need- sites, people and food galore! All are at your fingertips.

Manassas is growing at an incredible speed. Every day a new business or expansion project is being erected, seemingly overnight. You may be one of the new or potential employees to one of these businesses who is traveling here. You’ve deboarded your plane at Dulles International Airport and caught an Uber to your fully decked out Allay suite. You simply can’t wait to settle into the expansive workspace within your temporary home away from home; you need to get right to work creating charts, graphs and brainstorming on the whiteboard. But what about the family who has tagged along and has no intention of watching you project the future of mankind with your next great brainchild? They want to get out and explore all that the city has to offer!

Every direction you turn, you’ll find something to suit every member of your travel group. If excitement is what you seek, there are a ton of things to do in Manassas. Test your driving skills at the Audubon Indoor Speedway located only a few miles from your suite. Novices and professionals of all ages can enjoy the thrill, freedom, and exhilaration of driving a high-performance vehicle all while in a safe and fun environment. If you prefer instead to travel at the speed of light…well, foot…then head on over to Sky Zone trampoline park where wall-to-wall aerial action, jumping, dodging, flipping and more is welcome and even encouraged! Here is a place that all kids and kids at heart can play together.

Let’s not forget about educating the littles. Learning can be fun too! Manassas is filled with rich historical sites and museums. Make your way to the center of the city at The Manassas Museum where you can learn about the region’s storied past through award-winning video, exhibits and special events.

Then travel across town to Manassas National Battlefield Park. There, guided tours and educational programs are offered for students to learn about the American Civil War, two of the battles of which took place on the lands now preserved within this national park. Other sites include: The Manassas Train Station, Ben Lomond Historical Site, Mayfield Civil War Fort, and many more.

Any of these fun-filled activities can keep the kiddos occupied while mom and dad take in a little relaxation. You can travel over to the Crazy Beautiful Spa or treat yourself to The Old Town Man Cave where, like The Allay, they focus on offering high-quality service and great hospitality to their clients. Both spots offer an array of services from brow sculpting to sports pedicures and a shave, and all offerings are kept at a reasonable cost for every budget while making you feel like royalty.

Your time spent in the city is coming to an end. Most of those days you saved a ton of money by staying in your Allay suite and cooking meals in one of the fully stocked kitchens. But the day has inevitably come that you don’t want to worry about having to cook or clean up. So where do you go? Is Greek your exotic food of choice? If so, Katerina’s Greek Cuisine is a cozy spot in the center of Old Town Manassas. Their mission is “to honor [their] Greek heritage, to share [their] exquisite family recipes with all who walk through [their] doors and to make [their] food feel like home.” If Greek isn’t quite your flavor, take a walk down the street to The Bone. There, the owners of this BBQ joint take pride in making their customers happy and making you a part of their story. The selection doesn’t end here. Other food genres include 5-star cuisine such as: American, Cajun/Creole, Portuguese, Thai, Mexican, etc., etc., etc.…

Manassas is at the core of an incredible variety of recreational, cultural, and historical events and attractions. One day simply isn’t enough to take in all that this wonderful city has to offer. The next time you find yourself coming to the area for work or play, take the time to seek out and find the wide variety of offerings almost guaranteed to make for an enjoyable stay!

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