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How to Get the Most Out of Your Hotel Experience in Manassas Without Going Bankrupt

What’s the best way to maximize on your hotel stay? Perhaps you should start by NOT staying in a hotel! Wait…what?! But I thought you said this article was about your hotel experience? Well, yes and no. The first thing you should consider when visiting Manassas are your accommodations. Are your typical hotel choices meeting your needs while you are on travel?

Meals on Your Terms

Suppose you are a health fanatic or even just someone who does not enjoy the finer things in life that fast food and chain restaurants have to offer. You may be that person who wants a home cooked meal even when you are not technically at home. Staying at a hotel, or even a resort, often presents eating challenges that you keep encountering time and time again. One cooking pan and a few silverware pieces won’t exactly make for an easy cooking experience. But what if your “hotel” had all the same provisions as your kitchen at home and allowed you to cook your own gourmet meals? Renting a suite with The Allay will provide you with a fully stocked kitchen with the cooking tools that you are accustomed to and even a few surprises. Not only will you save big bucks on your meal budget, but your waistline will probably thank you too!

Celebrity Anonymity

So, your meal situation is squared away, but what about your privacy? Sure, you aren’t on the run from the FBI, but sometimes you just don’t want to be bugged by “that guy again” in the hotel lobby. Or maybe you want a bit of peaceful relaxing by catching some sun in the hotel courtyard, but you just don’t feel like signing autographs. Like most people, you may not have the funds to pay for a vacant hotel on your own private island. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a personalized key-less entry code in advance so that upon arrival you can slip quickly and quietly into your suite after that long trip? The Allay offers you with a PIN that not only is unique but also is a number that you won’t forget two seconds after you read it. Each unit also offers a secluded balcony or patio that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors only one step outside of your suite.

The Bodyguard

Along with privacy, security is just as important, if not more so. According to recent statistics, even the most luxurious hotels are often vulnerable to security concerns due to their “open door” environment. This doesn’t always leave you with a feeling of safety. We live in an age where cameras are everywhere! Sometimes we feel it’s an invasion of privacy, yet other times it gives us the comfort of knowing that someone is always there to protect us in the unlikely event of an emergency. A personal bouncer isn’t always a budget line item, but what if it could be in an unconventional way? The Allay’s external surveillance systems and noise decibel monitoring systems continuously keep your safety in mind while keeping your wallet stacked.

Dress Like a Boss

So then comes the time that you are ready to venture out into the city, but you only packed 3 outfits for 10 days because you can’t afford the weight limit on your luggage. Yikes! Staying in your typical hotel room doesn’t allow you to wash and dry any time you want. Likewise, going back and forth to the laundry-mat may cramp your style. Staying in any suite with The Allay saves you time and money. Each unit comes equipped with a full-size washer and dryer. So go ahead- wash and wear the same outfit as many times as your heart desires!

Escape Without Escaping

Maybe you are not feeling like going out on the town in your fabulous repeat threads that you’ve just washed in your fully equipped suite. Although Manassas has a ton of places to see and foods to eat, staying in can be a total win for your wallet. Cook a fancy meal in our suite and sit back and relax with a movie. Or take your meal, glass of wine or even a great book onto the balcony to overlook the city or the rolling hills in the distance. Sit back, breathe deep and enjoy all the money you just saved simply by choosing to stay at The Allay.

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